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Aarons Beachhouse

Governors Harbour, Eleuthera

Aarons Beachhouse is a 2 BR, 2 Bath vacation rental home, about 6 miles north of Governors Harbour. It is located on a very private beach. It has what some previous renters have called a "Breathtaking, awesome" view of a horizon full of reef-generated whitecaps. Most renters do not see another person, on this spectacular beach in front of Aarons. It has four decks to maximize your viewing pleasure....many renters are repeat, and it is one of the best renting house on the island, which should tell you something.......

This Google Satellite map shows that Aarons is isolated, and shares the entire gorgeous beach, with one other house.....however, that other house is a private residence, owned by a pilot, who does not rent the house out, and comes infrequently, so that, on most occasions, you will not see another soul on the beach the entire time.....

"Flash Tour" of Aarons

Nautical Maps of Eleuthera

GREAT Diving Website!!

Bahamas Reef Association

Approaching the house, up the driveway, you can see lots of vegeation, papaya trees, etc.

The house has four separate decks, to maximize your viewing pleasure<

Dandelions, at times, grow wild!!

View of deck overlooking beach; notice the outdoor shower on right

Cactus loves the sun; looks almost like a sculpture

The couch, love seat and chair are comfortable leather

The house is surrounded by bourganvilleas

View to die for; you overlook the spectacular half moon, pink sand beach

An awesome beach, with nearby reefs that you can see through the gin-clear waters

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