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North Eleuthera Sea Log

Mailboats coming to Eleuthera

The mailboat system, which covers all the major islands of the Bahamas, basically was set up to carry mail to the various Out Islands. It has evolved into, mainly, a freight carrying system, since the Out Islands depend heavily on goods from Nassau. In addition, the mailboats provide a relatively inexpensive way to travel, although it may be a bit rough, at times.

For a good story about mailboats, see this link from a good website about Harbour island,



Bahamas Day Break II Eleuthera: Rock Sound, Davis Harbour, South Eleuthera, Spanish Wells, Harbour Island, The Bluff.
Current Pride Eleuthera: Current Island, Upper & Lower Bouge
Eleuthera Express Eleuthera: Governor's Harbour
Harley & Charley Eleuthera: Governor's Harbour, Hatchet Bay.
Spanish Rose Spanish Wells only.
Check with the Dockmaster's office in Nassau for schedules, Tel: (242)393-1064.
Nautical Maps of Eleuthera

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Current Pride Mailboat arriving from Nassau

Eleuthera Express unloading in Spanish Wells