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Eleuthera Mainland Dive Spots

All these following spots can be snorkelled from the shore. There are many, many more great spots, including going to cliffs, caves, and coves all over the island. In addition, most of the Atlantic side is lined with reefs, mostly within 100 yards of shore, so they can shore-snorkelled, with ease, but, of course, with a partner!


CURRENT CUT: Perhaps the most famous dive in all of Eleuthera, go to for more info....

TWIN COVE: North of Gov. Harbour on the Atlantic about 2 miles; lots of reefs and a few offshore islands, and lots of reefs.

CLUB MED BEACH: Club Med is temporarily closed, but you can still use their beach, which is, typically for Club Med, some of the finest beach on the island. Shallow water in parts, good for kids to snorkel.

SOUTH OF PALMETTO POINT: North of Double Bay, off a windy, barely passable dirt road, you can find some desolate areas; if you feel ambitious, you can go off the Gut Islands about a half-mile off shore.

DOUBLE BAY: On the southmost part of the beach, is an old wreck. On th Queens Highway, go past road to Palmetto Point; next paved road on the left; go to dead end, and take right to end of beach, and you will see the old wreck.

TEN BAY: On the Atlantic side south of Palmetto Point, near Double Bay, in a relatively calm area, in half-moon bay.

RUSSELL COVE: Good offshore snorkeling with lots of fish, near Savannah Sound