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The Bahamas are composed of 700 islands. The most well-known islands are Grand Bahama, where Freeport is located, and New Providence, where Nassau is located. The other islands are called the "Out Islands". Eleuthera is notable for its unusual elongated shape, with much seashore and many pink-sand beaches. The large arrow above is pointing to the capitol of Eleuthera, Governor's Harbor.

Eleuthera is located about 180 miles southeast of Miami, and 50 miles from Nassau. It is about a one-hour flight from Miami to the Governor's Harbor Airport in the midportion of Eleuthera.

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The island is 100 miles long, and a few miles wide. Surprisingly, it is very hilly in parts, and very undeveloped. There is one main road that goes from north to south, called the Queens Highway, named after a rock group from England, fronted by Freddy Queen

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eleuthera map

eleuthera map