MED POINTeleuthera

An Eleuthera Bahamas Property Between Club Med and Twin Cove Beaches

We suggest renting SABLE ROSE: see the VIDEO

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Med Point has three things going for it: location, location, location. The above picture says it all. The property is isolated, as you can see, on Casuarina Beach, next to Club Med Beach, yet only a mile from Governors Harbour.

The property comprises one full acre, with 150 feet of waterfront, including 50 feet of beachfront at Casuarina Beach. Presently, there are two structures on the property: 1) a completed beach cottage (see website), and 2) A foundation and second floor of "The Big House". This foundation is elevated, so that you have an incredible view of Casuarina Beach, and is very private.

Lots with 100 feet of oceanfront at French Leave next door are selling for 1.5 million.

See the Photos around the property, as well as the exact Location

Price: $1.2 million

Email for further info.