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Poems of Phyllis Gibson

Watching our shadow

Up in the air,we watch our shadow
Over the land and over the sea.
Over the clouds and we can see,
Rainbow clouds touching our shadow.

Wings and tail touching the ground,
Like a bird our shadow flies,
Over all the BAHAMIAN skies,
Looking and watching all we found.

Watching our shadow over the sands,
As it touches the water,
Just imagine the laughter,
As our shadow swims next to the sand.

Pass over buildings and cars.
Over the roads back and far,
Rainbows on clouds all round our shadow.

Over the land ,our ahadow gets bumpy,
Over the ocean never so frantic,
Over the sand next to the Atlantic,
We land on ELEUTHERA,and no one is grumpy.

Imagine a Mermaid Grotto

A Mermaid Swimming Pool, by Savanna Sound,
It looked like a Meteor had landed in the ground
And melted all the rocks to form the perfect Pool,
It had planted driftwood on the outside to fool,

Near her Pool I saw Dinasaur bones in a line,
A rock shaped as a head sticking straight up fine,
Then in another hollow,a perfect Dinasaur nursery,
Outside the Sea is extra blue for the pool cursery.

The whole of Eleuthera is a Mermaid Paradise.
The sand the Sea,the Caves all look so nice,
The rocks are sharp and needed shoes are gotten.
The Mermaid Swimming Pool,long forgotten.

The sight of a rock looking like a Pagoda.
Near a Cave in the rocks at the far,
Side by the Mer
maid Swimming Pool Grotto.
The mermaid left her scales that she shed a lot to.
Make up the Flowers she wears in her hairdo.

Christmas in the Bahamas

Christmas here is wonderfull and warm,we have colored lights,
All over the Islands,all seven hundred Islands,
Chrismas fireworks and most of all JUNKANOO sights,
Street dancing in costumes,made with loving hands.

The costumes are made with a base of cardboard,
Covered by crepe paper strips, in rainbow colors,
Each year the costumes are made by Bahamians,no one is bored!
They sometimes take the whole year to make, no foolers.

They always dance in groups,with drums,cowbells and horns,
Dancing for hours on"Boxing Day" The day after Christmas.
And New Years Eve,every year the costumes are not scorned,
The music and the energy,the exitement of Christmas.

We as Bahamians,are most proud of the way they work,
So hard all year,rehearsing for hours,every week and more"Humming".
As Christmas draws nearer and nearer,"Pop the cork".
All over the Islands,and reminds everyone,CHRISTMAS IS COMING!


I challenge you! to be the best you that you can be,
And become a helper for anyone less fortunate and be free.
I challenge you! To respect all people of all races and colors,
Throw bigotry out of you life,and see them as brothers.

I challenge you! To watch the love between mother and child,
The love of animals for their young,and feel the loving joy so wild.
I challenge you! To read any book the strikes your fancy,
And learn the way different people think and see.

I challenge you ! To learn all you can about saving the world,
And save animals,fish and all endangered species unfurled.
I challenge you! To feel every emotion you can imagine unspoiled,
And feel the love you have unfold and spread over the world.

I challenge you! to try every new experience,to your advantage,
And not be afraid of any thing new,knowing you're not frantic.
And last but not least,I challenge you! to find your God,wise,
In Raindrops,in shells,but most of all your lover's eyes.

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