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Le Sable Rose

North Palmetto Point, Eleuthera

This wonderful cottage has three big things going for it; location, location, location. As you can see from the maps, it is ISOLATED and PRIVATE. The nearest house is about a quarter of a mile away, and it is located on a beautiful deserted beach. It is no conincidence that renters return. One renter came back four times!!

Le Sable's location is unique. Besides having a gorgeous beach all to itself, it is close to great restaurants, good diving spots right off the shore, and close to great bonefishing grounds in South Palmetto Point.

If you head south from Le Sable, you walk onto Double Bay Beach, one of the finest on the island. You can walk about 5 miles on uninterupted beach, where you, most likely, will encounter maybe 1 or 2 people, or maybe no one at all.

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Sable Rose sits amongst palm trees on the beach

It is ON the beach; step off the front porch onto sand

The setting is truly awesome

Sable Rose has this deserted, pink sand beach all to itself; no wonder we have had lots of honeymooners and nudists!

Sable is close to the water; dangerous, but, hey, you only live once!

Interior view to the close ocean; see it, smell it, hear it 24 hours a day!

Colorful interior with king bed; mural done by Deb, Korean artist

View from large deck on side of house

View from deck towards ocean; notice a natural pool enclosed by reefs

Contact: desertedbeach@hotmail.com