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The waters surrounding Windermere Island, prized for their jewel-like depth and clarity, are a favorite playground for the rich and famous, including the famous diver, Jacques Coosteau. At one time, its visitors included British Royalty, including Lord Mountbatten, and Prince Charles and Princess Diana. Princess Charles reportedly visited Windemere, not only on his honeymoon with Diana, but also about 8 other times.

It still entertains various numbers of English royalty.

It can be sore of a "sticky wicket" to get past the guarded gate. Put on your best aristocratic accent, and tell the guard you came to see the realtor about buying a manse. And it does not hurt to throw n a few "pip pip, cheerios".

The island is linked to Eleuthera by a bridge.

Below is a closer satellite google image; note the long beach n the east coast of Windermere

Notice how wide the beach is

Winderemere hosts the "Windermere Club", which has a tennis court, pool, and restaurant, open during high season.